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Julie Bannerjea

Head of Media Relations & Digital PR


Julie was head of media relations & digital PR with KPMG’s National Marketing and Communications dept.  Prior to that she had been with Ernst & Young as well as their legal arm, Donahue Ernst & Young specializing in media relations. Since joining the firm, Julie has been responsible for increasing the visibility and positioning of KPMG LLP over the past 10 years.

Julie Bannerjea

Previously, Julie has held marketing and communications roles with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( i.e.: CBC Television News,5th Estate, etc) and Maclean Hunter Publishing (Now Rogers Medical Publishing division). She has also been a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society for the past 7 years. She most recently served as the Treasurer and with the help of the board members was able to keep track of the finances this year. Prior roles include, Chair of CPRS’s Program Committee and Director of Membership Committee. As director of membership one of her most memorable achievements has been to increase the membership numbers to approximately 350 members in the Toronto Chapter and to participate as a guest speaker in corporate communications for the various PR programs in the Toronto area.

She has also won various awards from CPRS such as; volunteer of the year and more recently National Membership.

Aside from CPRS, she has also championed other causes such as the Heart & Stroke’s Jewel Heart Ball and the Black & White Polo Ball.

Julie is a graduate from Carleton University and is a former board member of the Canadian Public Relations Society and The International Association of Business Communicators. Finally, she also holds executive education certificates from Queen’s University in Marketing and Western’s Strategic Management of Investor Relations and MBA certificate from Rotman School of Business.


In a commercial landscape that is ever-shifting from television and radio advertising to e-marketing and social media...... is vital for multi-national organizations to be able communicate their messages and measure their followers effectively through social media.  

Because of this, Social Media For PR & Comms: Increasing ROI will bring together Directors and leading VPs from a selection of Canada’s Top 100 Companies to share best practices for developing a social media strategy to benchmark online business success and maximize return on investment.

It is the only Social Media event designed specifically for the PR and Communications sector that examines best practices for launching and developing an effective social media plan, mitigating PR crises and delivering consistently engaging communications.

In summary, Social Media For PR & Comms: Increasing ROI will deliver solutions on the following:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING: Understanding how to effectively integrate a social media strategy into your existing media channels
  • TURNING FOLLOWERS INTO SALES: Appraising how to effectively increase and engage with your followers through social media to broaden your online community and increase follower spending
  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Understanding the relevant social media strategies to effectively minimize reputation damage following a public relations crisis
  • MONITORING SOFTWARE: Understanding how to identify and incorporate the most suitable social media monitoring software packages to derive relevant indicators for measuring online success
  • FUTURE FORECASTS: Identifying how to plan for changing online trends and maintain long term capability to tap into consumer demands