Who will be attending the PR event of the year?

Senior Decision Makers From Canada’s Top 100 Companies Including Leaders From The Following Industries:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Health and Beauty
  • Food and Drink
  • IT Telecoms
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Electronic Goods
  • Automobiles
  • Banking and Finance
  • Aviation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and Gas

With The Following Job Titles:

CMO’s, CCO’s, VPs, Directors, Managers & Heads Of…

  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Strategy
  • Internet Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Web Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Web Management
  • Media Relations
  • External Relations
  • Market Segments
  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Affairs


  • Web Strategy Consultants
  • Social Marketing Agencies
  • Interactive Marketing Agencies
  • Communications Companies
  • Internet Consulting
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Analytical Software Suppliers
  • Leading PR Consultancy Firms
  • Leading Social Media Software Providers
  • Online Web Editors From Top Social Media Sites
  • Search Engine Operators


Alfredo Tan

Alfredo Tan

Group Director of Marketing Solutions



Marie-Josee Lamothe

VP & Chief Marketing Officer

L'Oréal Canada

Rob Harles

Rob Harles

Global Head Of Social Media

Bloomberg LP

Dawn Bellini

Dawn Bellini

Director Of Marketing & Public Relations

Hugo Boss Canada Inc

Paul Regan

Paul Regan

Director Of Media, Innovation & Strategy

Scotia Bank Canada


Justin Erdmann

Manager, Digital Marketing Strategy & Production

Universal Music Canada

Heath Applebaum

Heath Applebaum

National Manager Of Communications & Community Relations

PepsiCo Beverages Canada

Terry Foster

Terry Foster


Cision Canada



Social media is an ever-evolving phenomena that is dramatically changing the way business is conducted throughout the globe. Be it responding to a crisis efficiently to avoid damage to reputation, growing an online database to increase sales, monitoring competitors and demographics to target markets effectively or launching a new product through social media to maximize exposure, the pressure to stay ahead of the trend with social media has never been greater.

Social media has been described by companies across the globe as a truly transformational concept when it comes to communication, yet there is currently no set benchmark for measuring the true value of its potential, determining the full extent of its' capabilities for PR and Communications and evaluating whether it really is worth the investment. By bringing together the top PR and Communications professionals from Canada’s leading global brands to which social media is becoming an integral communications tool, we are now able to get closer than ever to understanding how social media can be developed to deliver a high return on investment for PR and communications professionals throughout the country. 


Social Media For PR & Comms: Increasing ROI will examine the most effective cutting-edge methods and technologies to increase and measure social media ROI ensuring that the investment in resources is worthwhile, that a strategy can be integrated with existing communications and that all stages can be effectively managed to deliver ROI.

This Canadian-specific event has been designed to analyze proven strategies to successfully engage with your followers and develop your online community, and will see leading experts deliver the most effective methods for launching a social media integration plan into your existing media channels to maximize the effectiveness of customer communication streams.

Day One will open with a session examining the leading edge technologies used to launch a social media plan effectively. As the day progresses, VP’s and Directors of PR and Comms from Canada’s biggest companies will analyze the most effective strategies to develop and grow an online community and will finish by evaluating the best cutting edge tools and strategies to maximize time efficiency and reduce the risks of social media.

Day Two begins by evaluating the most effective strategies for dealing with a crisis, both pre and post crisis. We then move on to determining the different specific applications of social media including how to utilize the format for product launches, how to incorporate social media into smart phone and video and methods for monitoring competitors and demographics through social media. Day Two will close with a session predicting the future of social media in PR and Communications and how you can prepare your business for the changes. 

The pressure to adopt and grow an online following is now huge meaning there has been no better time for companies in the consumer goods, electronic, automobile and food and drinks industries to up-scale communications and learn from the experts how to develop a high impact social media strategy to maximize ROI.

Social media as an integral communications tool is not the strategy of the future; it is happening, right now. The companies that soar to success in the near future will be those who embrace and ride the phenomenal wave of social media.



In a commercial landscape that is ever-shifting from television and radio advertising to e-marketing and social media...... is vital for multi-national organizations to be able communicate their messages and measure their followers effectively through social media.  

Because of this, Social Media For PR & Comms: Increasing ROI will bring together Directors and leading VPs from a selection of Canada’s Top 100 Companies to share best practices for developing a social media strategy to benchmark online business success and maximize return on investment.

It is the only Social Media event designed specifically for the PR and Communications sector that examines best practices for launching and developing an effective social media plan, mitigating PR crises and delivering consistently engaging communications.

In summary, Social Media For PR & Comms: Increasing ROI will deliver solutions on the following:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING: Understanding how to effectively integrate a social media strategy into your existing media channels
  • TURNING FOLLOWERS INTO SALES: Appraising how to effectively increase and engage with your followers through social media to broaden your online community and increase follower spending
  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Understanding the relevant social media strategies to effectively minimize reputation damage following a public relations crisis
  • MONITORING SOFTWARE: Understanding how to identify and incorporate the most suitable social media monitoring software packages to derive relevant indicators for measuring online success
  • FUTURE FORECASTS: Identifying how to plan for changing online trends and maintain long term capability to tap into consumer demands